We & our story!

We are a family business with tradition and host of conviction and passion.

Convince yourself and look a bit behind the scenes with us!

Here you will learn everything about our house, about its history and about the people behind it.

Alois Berger | The boss of the house

If you are looking for alois you can find him mainly in the kitchen, walking in the forest or playing music.

Personality: Humorous, Spontaneous, Helpful

Renate Berger | The all-connoisseur

Early in the morning Renate is the first to bring our house to life. Our sensational breakfast buffet is prepared by her. For dinner Renate welcomes you in the beautiful Dirndl and takes over the service. In her spare time, she savored her love with our quad "Frida" through the area.

Personality: cheerful, enterprising, flexible

Marina Habe | The versatile

Only through Marina is the booking possible! The reception is her little realm. In the evening she runs the service together with Renate. Her passion is the Styrian harmonica.

Personality: optimistic, sensitive, musical

Alexander Habe | The creative head

Alex is our creative mind in the house and has found his place in the kitchen. There he cooks fine dishes together with his father-in-law Alois and his mother Angela. His favorite season is autumn. At this time we destill our fruits, which he carries out with passion.

Personality: ambitious, reliable, creative

Our inn was built in 1974 as a family house. A total of 7 enlargements were made. In 1976, the former family house became a modest bed & breakfast with 4 guest rooms. There was no restaurant.

The guests had breakfast in the private kitchen.

In 1982 the place was finally too small. The house was extended to 8 guest rooms and a small restaurant.

1990 became from the family house or the Frühstückspension an inn.

In addition, 11 rooms were installed.

3 years later In 1993, today's kitchen was built from the former stable. Until 1993 the "private kitchen" was in the present hunting lodge.

1998 was a construction year. The restaurant was expanded, the restaurant was built, and the spa was built.

2003 was expanded to 15 rooms. Already 8 years later, in 2011 again 2 rooms were built.

Within 36 years, a cozy single-family house, now 17 rooms, has already been run in the second generation.