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Wer sind wir?


We are a family business with tradition and hosts
out of conviction and passion.

Convince yourself and take a look behind the scenes with us!
Alois vom Hotel Sonnfeld in Hinterstoder
If you are looking for Alois, you will mainly find him in the kitchen, on a walk in the forest or making music.
Personality: humorous, spontaneous, helpful



Early in the morning, Renate is the first to liven up our house. Our sensational breakfast buffet is prepared by her.
For dinner, Renate welcomes you in a beautiful dirndl and takes care over the service.

Personality: cheerful, enterprising, flexible
Renate vom Hotel Sonnfeld in Hinterstoder


Alex vom Hotel Sonnfeld in Hinterstoder
Alex is our creative head in the house and has found his permanent place in the kitchen. There he cooks fine dishes together with his father-in-law Alois and his mother Angela. In addition to the kitchen, you can find Alex in the distillery, which he runs with passion as a spirits sommelier.
Personality: ambitious, reliable, creative


Booking is only possible through Marina! The reception is her little kingdom. In the evenings she manages the service together with Renate and, as a trained wine sommelier, she will be happy to help you with your wine selection.
Her passion is the Styrian harmonica.

Personality: optimistic, sensitive, musical
Marina vom Hotel Sonnfeld in Hinterstoder


Angela (Alex's mother) is our active support in the kitchen. Always with a smile on her lips, she cooks wonderful dishes with Alex & Alois.
Personality: cheerful, creative, helpful

Angela vom Hotel Sonnfeld in Hinterstoder
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